“These are not the chicken feet I was expecting.”

Ah, kids. Our daughter, at age 9 or 10, waited patiently during an outing to Chinatown while we enjoyed dim sum, passing on lots of tasty morsels because she was waiting to try the chicken feet. When they finally arrived on the table – she took one look and said “those aren’t the chicken feet I was expecting”. And of course, they remained untouched.

Fast forward 10+ years. Now it’s me, getting my mind wrapped around yet another surgery for yet another hernia, and gearing up for a 6 week recovery. Imagine my surprise when the surgeon told me he found a “cyst” in my small intestine. He removed it, sewed me up, and we waited, impatiently I might add, for the pathology results. Dr. M delivered the news 7 days later – Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. Cancer of the lymph system. Wait, I have what?

Those weren’t the chicken feet I was expecting.